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Taiwan Topjet Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998. The company's address is in Taipei. It mainly produces mid-to-high-end wireless microphones, intelligent conference series and digital conference systems.
Adhering to the tenet of "quality first, customer first", our factory has the courage to forge ahead, to be aggressive, to give full play to its strong technical force and rich experience, with strong research and development, production capacity, advanced production equipment, complete testing system and reliable Quality assurance system and other advantages, it has produced a series of professional series products with novel appearance, excellent quality, high quality, and reliable quality. At the same time, the company has established a huge international sales team and after-sales service network. With offices, the products have won the favor of customers and users, attracting many customers to OEM, sales continue to rise, continuous product innovation and market development, making product use more convenient and assured.
TOJIE will continue to uphold in the future. Leading technology serves the global business philosophy, paying more attention to product research and development with a view to using better and higher technology content.
TOJIE hopes to grow together with a large number of partners, achieve the future, and contribute to China's electro-acoustic technology career. Stable quality expands innovative products, creates digital technology, creates high-quality quality, creates high-quality services, establishes high-quality brands, and spreads the voice of the world!

Company Basic Information
Company Name: Guangzhou Xianyun Electronics Co., Ltd.
Legal representative: Chen Xianyao
Phone: 15899970377
Bank information:
Account name: Chen Xianyao (all correct bank account names are: Chen Xianyao)
Bank: Agricultural Bank of China Tongde Sub-branch, Guangzhou Baiyun District
Bank account number: 6228-4800-8409-7690-212
Account bank: China Construction Bank Guangzhou West Village Branch
Bank account number: 6236-6833-2000-0065-219
Bank: Shangbu Sub-branch, Baiyun District, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
Bank account number: 6222-0836-0200-9333-987
Alipay account: 18988845737
For WeChat payment, please add Chen Xianyao ’s WeChat: TWTOJIE . If you are not on WeChat , you will be responsible for the consequences.
The company's two major brands: Taiwan Topjet ( ), German Bel Canto ( ) The company has no other brands. If any other brand impersonates, please inform us, we will pursue its responsibilities according to law.

Tel: 86 + 020-36776503 Fax: 86 + 020-36776509 Address: 501, Building E, 50 Juyuan Street, Xiqiao Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou
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